Earths History

2012 AD : What came to be known as ragnorok or Armagedon to most people who survived it. Earths solar system passed into a diferent zone of the universe causing many constants on the planet to change slightly. Though this would seem like a minor event in actuallity it caused cataclysmic natural desaters and many human technologies to stop working altogether. Many third world governmants were simply wiped out and coorperations that were offering humanitarian aid took over as the governing body of these areas froming the first coorperate countries known as Federations.

2033 AD : after manageing to stabalize the populace after the crises the U.N. Begins working on a progect to colonize and terraform mars in an effort to find a place for the overpopulated human race to expand too. Progect Genesis

2076 AD : The ailing old world governments are no longer able to maintain control and are scapgoated for all the problems the human race was faceing. Widespread famin and rioting ran rampant do to extream overpopulation and polution. America and Frances infrastructer and economy completely collaps and the cooperate Federations take over.

2089 AD: U.N. Disbanded as 80% of the worlds population is now under the control of cooperate Federations. Only Russia, China, and Iceland remain as soveriegn nations. Funding for progect genesis is cut off.

2093 AD: Russian space station completed and they are moving ahead with reaserch on new technologies that have becom available do to the physics shift of Ragnarok.

2098 AD: Useing the alien craft and genetics in area 51 Pharmasuticles united starts to experiment on ways of using alien DNA to enhance the human cellular structure progect Herodotus is born.

2099 AD: An initiative to merge human DNA with Robotic components begins named Progect Homonculus

2120 AD: A breach of containment causes a virus born of the alien genetices to escape and infect the general populace massive death and panic are the results as the Virus mutates the infected into preditory creatures with rudimentary intelegence and inhuman strength and speed.

2123 AD: Nanatechnology descovered by docter James Sterner

2131 AD: Threat is finally contained though millions died. Russia is scapgoated and the last countries finally collaps to the Federations. Thus Begins the second dark age.

2143 AD: With human rights no longer paramount experimentation on the lower class becomes rampant to advance the state of medicen and technology the next 200 years advance human understanding of medicen and our own celular structer beyond 21st century scientests wildest dreams though this is at the expence of the people.

2145 AD: Progect Herodotus bears fruit with the creation of the first immortal human.

2150 AD: Dr Frank Stein Succesfully merges a human genom with a nanotechnological matrix creating the first human machine hybrid

2154 AD: Warp gates descovered on the edge of the solar system. Scientist begin experimenting with them.

2207 AD: Coorperation wars start and technology begins to advance forward at a rapid rate.

2242 AD: Dr. Stein comandeers a colony ship and leaves the system throught the flegling warp gate technology. taking 6 million colonist to start anew on a new frontier. He alsoe takes his prototype robot human hybryds with him. Reasons for him doing this are debated. The most populare theory is somthing happened between him and the Federation governments. Desgusted with the way the federations ran the wolrd he left and took as much if his reaserch as he could with him. Stien and his followers vanish into the gate. Since the gates technologie was not fully developed the gates were a one way trip to an unknown destination. The gate not yet ready for that many people apears to have a meldown and causes an anomoly that closes the gate permanently rendering that specific gateway inactive forever.

2243 AD last year of the old world calander: One of the immortals Created by Progect Herodotus Brutus Orileas stages a coup against the federation governments. Using the tactics and knowlage he gained from his years of experance combined with his continuosly evolving brain he leads his army of supersoldiers and immortals to insite rebelion in the people while he kills the cooperate heads. The Federations fall and the old world governing system is abolished.

1 IA: Brutus sets up a new governing system in witch he is the emporer and his finest generals become the noble class. He reinstates human rights though to a lesser degree than 21st century earth had. He sets up a new economic system using crowns as a currency and that is more balaced to keep the currency flowing without debt to any cooperate power.

3 IA: Progect Genesis reinitiated. As well as several other progects to support the recourse starved overpopulated earth. Travel technologies reaserched new power sorces are reaserched.

5 IA: A construction progect known as armored core is put into place to expand the earths surface area by conecting all the highrises together and forming a second artificial crust 1000 of meters over the earths actual surface. Plans to keep many areas open to the sky so that living conditions of the actual surface remain as decent as they can be.

15 IA: hundreds of colony ships are sent out using conventional FTL drives to explore the stars

100 IA: Gravity engins descovered. warp gate technology perfected. New gates found to use. Colony ships begin to be sent out through the gates armed with terraforming technology with a plan to creat worlds that can feed the starved earth.

150 IA: earths Technological acomplishments have accelerated to a point of splendore the clolonies throughout the stars send food to the solar system and the Imperium is finaly able to support itself again. The golden age of the Imperium begins.

300 IA : A malitious alien species known as the grey are descovered. Catching the Imperium off guard they invade ad conquer many wolrds infecting humans with a strange afliction that cuases them to try any means possible to destroy other humans. Unlike the viral outbreak in the past this afliction leaves the victem with complete use of thier mental facilities.

305 IA: hundreads of years of progress are lost as human civiliztion is turned on itself by the malignant alien species. It was this war that truly sparked the imperiums Xenophobic attitude towards intelegent alien races.

306 IA: Thousands of collonies in the far reaches of space. Mainly explorers and settling ships are presumed infected and shut out of the Imperium. These collonies and ships are by Impirium records stated as casualties of war. Though millions survive to live in exile at the edges of space.

315 IA: Bai-En Lan a prodegy engineer creats the first Massive Electronic Combat Hazard Armor and uses it as a new weapon against the Grey.

321 IA: Humanty begins to push the grey back using the mass produced Mecha and various other technologies of war.

353 IA : The grey are finally wiped out though Emporer brutus falls in the final battle. Centuries of development behind what they used be but still posessing some of the more potent techs from the golden age the victorious Imperium returns home to morn thier lost hero.

407 IA: The Imperium has expanded through hundreds of gates and and terraformed and populated countless worlds in an effort to feed and house its vastly growing population. When they find the decendants of Steins Expedition now known as the Celestial alliance. People who have expanded greatly throughout the galexy and are liveing free.

406 IA: during early nagotiations it is learned the the Celestials where alsoe attacked by the grey and ended up driving them back with the help of C O R E machiens somthing that is very simulare to the Imperiums MECHA.

410 IA: Emporer Alexander the 4th dictates that as fellow human civilizations they should work together to support the ailing earth. His preposal is met with apprehention by the offworlders as their teachings of earth politics paint a bleak picture of exploitation and strife.

411 IA: The EVENT. Each faction has a diferent interpritation of this event all painting the other side as the agresore and the bad light the end result is that the 1000 year war began at this point and has raged ever since.

420 IA: more platforms are built above the earths surface to creat room for the growing war economy and human population the sky is now sealed from the earths surface

435 IA: All progects that do not directly aid the war effort have thier funding cut. Including the maitanence and improvment of the world under the skyplates.

600 IA: A third faction enters the war. Originally peacefull the Babilonians as they called themselves mearly wanted premision to colonize further into the galaxy. Unfortunatly both Celestia and the Imperiums allien taint scanners went off whenever scanning them. Fearing that the babylonians were infected by the grey the two factions both regected the offer to settle.

613 IA: desperate to move in from the deadly egde of the galexy the Babylonians begin to take over celestial planets by force using their EVA units to dominate the battlefield. When Imperium forces witness the EVA units in action they come to the full realization that The babylonians are using alien tech. And thus they brand babylon an enemy of the Imperium. All out war is declared on all sides.

1000 IA: The earth is now twice its normal cercomfrance augmented by layer after layer of skyplates to support it massiv populace. War tech has advanced to almost what it was during the golden age of the Imperium. War has become a way of life as all three empires are so vast and dedicated to the caus of winning the war.

1402 IA: Present day

Earths History

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