Celestia's History

2242 AD: Stien and his colonists find themselves in a system with a huge star and hundreds of planets in its orbit. They begin to colonize the system puting the earths curuption behind them and starting anew.

1 AE: Stein sets up a council of ruling members consisting of the most inelegant and innovative minds in the expedition. He calls the new conglomerate the Celestial Alliance.

15 AE: terraforming of most of the systems worlds are complete. Terraforming and exploration technology leaping forward. Dr. Stien discovers how to properly use the gates again and Celestai expands beyond the system they have come to call New Gaia.

18 AE: Breeding program Initiated in which citizens are given benefits for having more kids in an effort to spike population growth so that celestai has the manpower to fill all the jobs and tasks in the new worlds

115 AE: Utilizing the new resources that they have in great abundance because of their exploration and colonization and their brilliant scientists Celastia’s technology in exploration and terraforming becomes something of a marvel. Unfortunately they lack the foundational science that earth had to study and move forward with and thus don’t advance as fast as the Imperium in terms of other technologies.

289 AE: Gravity engins are created, this technology is immediately implemented into a special Vehicle known as the Criteria Optimized Robotic Exoskeleton. A device that soon became the backbone of the celestian workforce as an incredibly versatile equipment.

296 AE: Celestia has Expanded and grown to a immense size take over thousands of systems. Golden age of Celestia is about to begin.

301 AE: The grey descend upon Celestai wreaking mass devastation and terror. The fledgling golden age ends abruptly as full out war falls upon the alliance.

304 AE: It does not take long for the engineers of celestai to find a way to repurpus the CORE units into battle machines. Using these devices they were able to block out the Greys madness waves and fight them on even footing.

313 AE: Just as the war is about to be won by Celestia Stein abruptly vanishes.

315 AE:Grey driven back. Though some of the front line soldiers are possibly infected and for the alliances safety they are banished from Celestia.

320 AE: Celestia begins to recover from the grey Attack. They start a division that focuses souly on building combat CORE units.

408 AE: Contact is made with the High Terra Imperium for the first time. Suspicion and mistrust are widespread do to what had been known about the old earth empire. People fear that the empire will try to enslave them under the Iron fist of high Terra.

411 AE: Emperor Alexander the 4th does nothing to mitigate these concerns in fact his demand for cooperation only fuels this fire.


450 AE: Celestia possessing massive amount of resources yet lacking the advanced tech of the Imperium ends up fighting them on equal ground.

614 AE: Babylon Joins the war. All out war is declared

1000 AE: Caught on two sides Celestai sturgles to fight a two front war and is only able to do so thanks to their massive recourse access and population. As well as their highly advanced travel technology

1403 AE: Present day

Celestia's History

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